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Integranet - Connectivity is our businessWelcome to IntegraNET. Our aim is simple, to use our business experience to provide our customers with the very best of solutions for integrating systems and applications for IBM mainframe, mid-range and UNIX processors.

Continuous research coupled with our network-centric expertise, has resulted in a unique choice of products that are cost-effective and easily integrated into your IBM mainframe and non-mainframe environments.

Our consultancy led sales approach has resulted in companies around the world using our products to cut costs, increase efficiency and offer the very highest standards of service for their business. more...


EMEAI now part of Zephyr Development Corporation (UK)
From April 1st 2008, IntegraNET is thrilled to announce the transfer of all Zephyr business direct to the new international branch of Zephyr Development Corporation.

"For many years, Zephyr relied upon its UK based distributor (IntegraNET) to sell and support our products throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa and India (EMEAI). Given the growing number of Zephyr customers in those countries, particularly in Europe, and their importance to Zephyr as a company, the time was right to open our own international operation", said Gregg Ledford, Zephyr President/CEO.

In addition to EMEAI marketing, sales and support responsibilities, Zephyr Development Corporation (UK) will oversee responsibility for all new account development, including customer development in the U.S., Canada and countries of South America. The Zephyr U.S. corporate office will focus on product development, technical support, IT, HR and financial management.

"We strongly believe that the world is flat and have worked hard to make Zephyr a web-based company, capable of supporting customers regardless of geographic location", said Mr. Ledford. To ensure continuity and quality of customer service, Zephyr have transitioned and directly employed key personnel from IntegraNET.

"Working directly for Zephyr means we can provide a more direct customer service, by removing one link of the contact chain. Furthermore, we now have a Zephyr office 'open for business' from 09:00 - 23:00 GMT allowing us to provide more timely responses to enquiries from around the world and to offer support to our customers outside of their country's traditional office hours", said Russell Martin, Zephyr Vice President, Marketing and Sales & Director of IntegraNET.

Zephyr Development Corporation (UK) is actively establishing new business partnerships to include both existing and new distributors in a number of major international markets. The new business partnership program will assist in offering customers a local point of contact in their language and should be complete by the end of 2009.

For more information on the Zephyr expansion, please contact us at Zephyr

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